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April Planting one or two beds

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Belshaw Elementary
Garden Size: 3' 11" x 10' 2"
Garden Type: Community garden
Garden Layout: Square Foot Garden
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Belshaw Elementary has four 4' by 10.25' which run East (toward building and table)) to West (toward fence).The tomatoes are plantd on the North side of Bed A. Extra room is being given to the tomatoes, zuchini, and cucumbers.

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberPlants per Square FootNotes
Basil 44Soil - Rich Sunny Frost tolerant - NO Perennial - NO Feed - NO Companions - Tomato, pepper, lettuce Harvest - Leaves as needed; midsummer- cut plant by half to stimulate new growth Note: fusarium wilt shows as a dark ring on stem near soil
Carrot 1616Umbelliferae(carrot and root) SUN - full or partial afternoon shade Frost tollerant - tops tolerate light frost, roots survive hard freezes Perennial - NO Feeding- from good soil Companion - lettuce, radish, sage, tomato
Chili Pepper 11Solanaceae family(potato and tomato family) SOIL- Well drained SUN- Full Frost tolerant - NO Perennial - NO Feeding - Fertilizehole when transplant, feed every two weeks when plant blossoms and sets fruit Companions - Carrot, Leek, Tomato Mulch to keep moist HARVEST- can be harvested immature, NOTE may not bear heavily until shorter days of summer
Cilantro 11Umbelliferae family - carrot and root SOIL - Well drained and amendedwith compost SUN - Full to partial aftermoon shade Frost tolerant - may survive MILD winter Perennial - NO Feed - Drench with a liquid oranic fetilizer when 4" tall Companions - basil, mint, tansy Harvest - When plants are 6" tall, may pick individual leaves Plants rush to product flowers i spring.
Cucumber 22Cucurbits(squash family0 Soil- Well-drained, enriched with compost Sun - Full Frost tolerant - NO Perennial - NO Feeding- liquid oranic fertilizer when begins to bloom heavily Companions - Tomato, lettuce, radish, Dil. sunflower Harvest - snip from vine. Fruits with hard seeds inside-overripe Use row covers to exclude cucumber beetles
Kale 31Brassicas Soil-fertilw Sun -Full Frost tolerant - Yes Perennial - NO Feeding- not necessary Companion- nasturtium, lavender Harvest- pick individual leaves when size of your hand. Note; watch for aphids..wash off or remove infested leaves
Lavender 21Soil - average, well-drained Sun - Full and partial afternoon shade Frost tolerant - will survive 0F Perennial - Yes Benefits from excellent drainage, and dry airy conditions Prune back in spring
Nasturtium 84Soil- good drainage Sun - full to partial shade Frost tolerant - survive light frost Perennial - NO Fertilizer i soil Companions - kale, radish, tomato, sunflower Note: blossoms, leaves and immature green seed pods are edible Harvest - in morning when plump with moisture. Base of blossom may be bitter so snip away. Will reseed itself
Pepper 11Solanaceae Soil- well drained Sun - Full Frost tolerant - NO Perennial - NO Feed- Add fertilizer to planting hole. Feed when plant begin to bloom and ser fruit
Sage 11Any average soil SUN - Full Frost tolerant - To about 15 F Perennial - Yea Feed - Drench with water soluble organic , one month after setting out Companion - cucumber, tomato Produces blue flowers Harvest- sprigs ar needed Plants are short lived
Tomato (Large) 11Solanaeae Soil- rich with pleanty of compost Sun - Full Frost tolerant - NO Perennial - NO Feed - sets flower Harvest - pick regularly as soon as fruit turns color Companions - basil, pepper, lettuce, parsley
Tomato (Small) 11Same as large tomato
Zucchini 11Cucurbits(squash family) Soil- well darined, plenty of compost Sun- Full Frost tolerant - NO Peennial - NO Companions- nasturtium and zinnia Harvest- when about 6", use knife to cut from plant Note: May need row cover to exclude squash bugs and squash vine borer.

Planting Times

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