Garden Plans > 2019: Levett Autumn Suggestions

About this Garden Plan

The Levett School Autumn planting plan

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Doncaster
Garden Size: 13.00m x 9.00m
Garden Type: School / college garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Beans (Broad) 2020cm15cm x 30cm 
Cabbage (Spring) 255cm50cm x 60cm 
Chives 620cm15cm x 25cm 
Garlic 1215cm10cm x 25cm 
Green Manure 2615cm10cm x 20cm 
Kale 240cm35cm x 45cm 
Kohlrabi 625cm20cm x 30cm 
Lettuce (Headed) 625cm20cm x 30cm 
Lettuce (Lambs) 2415cm15cm x 15cm 
Lettuce (Loose Leaf) 4510cm10cm x 15cm 
Mizuna 1425cm20cm x 30cm 
Onion (Autumn planted) 2415cm15cm x 25cm 
Pak Choi 335cm30cm x 40cm 
Radish 4010cm10cm x 20cm 
Rocket 1215cm10cm x 20cm 
Spinach 825cm15cm x 30cm 
Spring Onion 3610cm10cm x 10cm 
Swiss Chard 635cm30cm x 40cm 
Tatsoi 2020cm20cm x 20cm 

Planting Times

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